Self Storage Tips

Titan Self-Storage would like we share some tips and tricks to make moving and storing easier for you. From storage tips like choosing the right storage unit to the best ways to pack and move. Be prepared by making sure that you’re ready for whatever moving and storage transition that may confront you.

Self-Storage Tips

  1. Security: Keeping your belongings safe is top priority. At Titan Self-Storage, security measures are taken across our facilities to keep your things secure and provide you with peace of mind. Secure gate access, security fence, 24 hour camera surveillance, and monitoring systems.
  2. Storage: Establish your goals and objectives prior to engaging in self-storage. Are you renting due to moving, life transitions, additional vehicles/boats/RVs, military living, business needs, etc. Self storage refers to rent-able space—such as lockers, garages, or containers—in a building or warehouse that’s used to store personal or commercial items for a short or long-term period. Titan Self-Storage provides rent-able space that is a “storage unit” that’s rented on a month-by-month basis, meaning you can rent a unit for as little or as long as you need.
  3. Safe Storage: What can’t be stored in a self storage unit? While the list isn’t long, there are some items that are too dangerous to store. Take a couple minutes to identify items that shouldn’t be brought to the facility. Titan Self-Storage strives to provide convenient self storage solutions for residential and commercial customers, but there are some items (e.g., combustible, flammable, hazardous or toxic materials, perishable foods, animals) that we don’t allow customers to store. If you’re not sure whether you can store certain items in your unit, give us a call and we will help you.
  4. Unit Size: Understanding the size of a unit you need can be a nerve-racking experience for some. At Titan Self-Storage we provide free counseling regarding you unit size needs to help you confidently choose the right storage unit(s) you need.
Self-Storage Tips
Packaging Tips
  1. Photography Items: To preserve your photos and memorabilia in both short-term and long-term situations, you need to pack items and move them to your storage unit with care. The following packing and storage tips can help protect your belongings in self storage. Climate control is extremely important for preserving your photos. Extreme heat or cold can destroy photos.

    1. Scan original photos into digital files to create backups before moving photos to storage.
    2. Seal loose photos in airtight plastic bags to prevent exposure to moisture.
    3. Put tissue paper or archival paper between loose photos to prevent them from sticking together.
    4. Store photo albums with spines alternating to maximize space in storage containers.
    5. Keep all storage containers off the ground with pallets in your storage unit.
  2. Media, Books, Magazines: To keep your print materials safe from mold, mildew, and water damage in self storage, use the following storage tips.

    1. Rent Climate Controlled Storage Unit.
    2. Seal antique or valuable books and magazines in airtight plastic bags.
    3. Use plastic, wood, or cardboard dividers between magazines.
    4. Do not use newspaper to wrap or cushion your books or magazines. The print can transfer between the media.
    5. Raise all storage containers off the ground with pallets in your storage unit.
    6. Always store heavier storage containers on the bottom and lightest on the top.
  3. China, Glass, Crystal
    1. Rent climate controlled unit.
    2. Get dish and glass packing kits (foam pockets of varying sizes with dividers).
    3. Only store one dish or glass per foam pocket.
    4. Choose sturdy storage bins and containers instead of cardboard moving boxes for more protection.
    5. Use bubble wrap in empty spaces within storage containers to provide cushion and prevent shifting.
    6. Do not wrap china or crystal too tightly (this can put too much pressure on them) and store more than 6 to 8 dishes per storage container.
    7. Raise all storage containers off the ground with pallets in your storage unit.
  4. Appliances
    1. Before storage, clean appliances carefully (all air intake areas like lint filters, grids, or tubes).
    2. Ensure no water, dust, or food particles are left on or in the appliances.
    3. Remove and drain water from hoses and holding tanks to prevent freezing and mold growth.
    4. Spray appliances for pests and allow them to dry before moving and storing them.
    5. Use wrapping film or moving tape to keep doors closed during transportation.
    6. Do not plug any home appliances in while they’re being kept in self-storage.
    7. Store appliances toward the back and side walls of your storage unit.
    8. Raise appliances off the ground with pallets in your storage unit.
  1. Holiday/Event Storage: Take the decorations down in reverse order. The things you took out and put up last should be put away first, and vice versa.
  2. Media Organizing: Take time to go through your family photos, media, and documents and determine which ones can be stored in a storage unit or closet and which you would like to display in a family photo album or digital slide show.
  3. Seasonal Cleaning: What is the best time for cleaning? It depends on your availability. Generally, Spring is thought of as the season of cleaning. Seasonal cleaning is in fact a time of "storage rotation". In many parts of the world, the seasons are about to change dramatically, and that means pulling stuff out of self-storage. It encompasses everything from seasonal clothing to seasonal tools.
Organizing your self-storage tasks.

If your storing anything from household goods to business items, you need to consider packing supplies form moving, preparing items storage, and security.

  1. Boxes (cardboard, plastic, wooden, metal and other specialty materials).
  2. Locks for storage units, moving vehicles, and specialty containers.
  3. Packing materials (bubble wrap, foam pockets/dividers, protective covers.
  4. Tape (duct tape, boxing tape, stretch film).
  5. Tie down products (rope, cable, zip ties, chains).
  6. Moving kits related to specific items.
Packaging Supplies

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